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Ashwood reunion
Class of 1978 Web

The Ashwood Central High Class of 1978, which included members now living in Kershaw County, recently held its 37th reunion with a weekend of festivities at the Lee County Opera House and Ashwood gym in Bishopville. Patricia Simon organized the event which opened with Ronnie Wilson welcoming everyone to the drop-in. The speaker for the occasion was Debra A. Joe. Minister Linda C.M. Davis read the scripture and Bernice Joe Boykin sang a song. They ended the weekend festivities with church services at Mt. Olive in Woodrow. Simon said the Class of 1978 began their school career at Ashwood Central after leaving West Lee Elementary school. “While attending Ashwood, we also attended Bishoville’s vocational school,” she said. “After Ashwood Central High School closed, students there merged with Bishopville High School.” The reunion is held every five years. Simon said Mozell and Fair Isaac, Mildred and Milton Anthony, Abraham and Rosa Mae Shannon McQuillar, “along with my grandmother, Rose Henry McQuillar, encouraged me to get this reunion started years ago. My father had a good memory and would remind me when it was about time to start planning for the next reunion.”