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"Chicken Whisperer" separates fact from scratch
Chicken Whisperer WEB
Andy Schneider, known to poultry enthusiasts everywhere as The Chicken Whisperer, discusses raising back yard chickens at a special workshop held Wednesday at the National Steeplechase Museum in Camden. Schneider says his goal is to provide the best science, study, fact based information to people who raise back yard chickens. - photo by Jim Tatum
He doesn’t strut into a chicken coop, cup his hands to comb and beak and convince a hen to jump a fence or lays extra eggs. But Andy Schneider, known as “The Chicken Whisperer” to poultry enthusiasts of all experience levels and flock sizes, does know his feathered friends very well. In fact, Schneider comes at the practice of raising chickens, particularly smaller hobby and back yard flocks from several areas of expertise.