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Firefighters train at Yutaka
firefighter training 1

More than 50 firefighters from across the county used a training drill March 17 at South Carolina Yutaka Technologies to prepare for real-life emergencies.

As part of the Lugoff Fire Department’s (LFD) monthly training, firefighters from other stations were invited to participate as part of pre-incident planning conducted throughout the year, said Lugoff Fire Chief Dennis Ray. These pre-incident plans are vital to the preparedness of firefighters that may have to respond to fire and emergency incidents at large businesses, schools, churches and industrial facilities, he explained.

Firefighters from Lugoff, Blaney, Doby’s Mill, Pine Grove and Camden fire departments accepted the invitation, meeting together for a briefing and then touring the facility in Lugoff’s Heritage Industrial Park. Firefighters also climbed the 77-foot LFD aerial ladder to view the roof structure of the building.

“One of the worst situations we can find ourselves in as firefighters is to have a fire incident in a large building that we have never stepped foot in before,” Ray said. “The safety of our firefighters is put at much greater risk when we have no knowledge of the building before an incident.”

The training drill also included viewing video and discussion about a firefighter’s ability to read smoke patterns displayed from a burning building and make tactical decisions from that pattern. Firefighters viewed various smoke conditions from actual fires and trained on the awareness and safety issues of each condition, Ray said. The importance of sprinkler systems, like the one Yutaka is equipped with throughout the facility, was stressed throughout the training as well as the dangers associated with various fire conditions.

“We appreciate the leadership of Yutaka for the opportunity to train in their facility and sharing the same firefighter and personnel safety concerns we have. We look forward to the same opportunities with all of our industrial partners in the community,” said Ray.