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Fireworks safety tips
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Area public safety agencies want everyone to have fun with the fireworks this holiday. To promote safety, here are some quick tips to help protect you and the ones you love: • Keep a bucket of water or garden hose close by in case a fire starts in the area-especially during dry conditions we often see in our community • Fireworks are explosives and must be used carefully-never discharge a device towards another person • Never put your body OVER the device when lighting or after lighting the fuse • Keep flammable and combustible liquids and materials away from the location of the fireworks (such as gasoline or propane tanks) • Adults must supervise children at all times-especially during the use of hand-held fireworks such as sparklers • Fireworks can ignite clothes on fire-keep them away from your body • Fireworks can remain very hot even after the device has burnt out • Drop all spent fireworks into a bucket of water to make sure they are extinguished • Do not pick up a “dud” firework until at least 20 minutes have past then soak it in water-it could still detonate • Avoid homemade fireworks and explosive devices -- they kill! • Save your alcohol until after the show- fireworks and alcohol don’t mix! • Obey local laws where you live concerning fireworks • Fireworks must only be used outdoors • Know your fireworks by reading the label for proper use • Protect your eyes when lighting fireworks-use safety glasses if possible • Keep a phone close by to call 911 for emergencies Remember, you are responsible for any fires or damage from fireworks regardless of where the fire or damage occurs -- watch where they fall.