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'Good kids, bad choices'
Volunteer arbitrators help guide youth offenders to second chance
Seven Kershaw County volunteers have been installed as arbitrators for the Kershaw County Youth Arbitration Program by 5th Judicial Circuit Family Court Judge Dana Morris (fourth from right). The program will keep first-time, non-violent juvenile offenders from immediately entering the formal justice system. The volunteer arbitrators include (from left) Ned Barnes, Maris Cannon, Paula Costello, Mara Jones, Ned Towell, Minnie Bullock and Ed Wright. - photo by Miciah Bennett
Fifth Judicial Circuit Family Court Judge Dana Morris inaugurated seven Kershaw County citizens as arbitrators for Kershaw County’s Youth Arbitration Program April 26. “Locking kids up doesn’t fix problems,” said Morris. “Programs like these redirect kids, and we are in the business of redirection.”