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Local non-profit looks to upgrade services
Wateree Actions
Nearing its fifth decade of existence, Wateree Community Actions Inc., located on West DeKalb Street in Camden, offers a variety of services to poor and disadvantaged individuals in the area. The organization is currently looking to revamp and upgrade how it operates in the community. - photo by Michael Ulmer
Established nearly 50 years ago, Wateree Community Actions Inc. (WCAI) is in the process of updating its policies and revamping its vision according to Public Information Director Kenya Mingo. The group’s overall objective is to help the community’s poor and disadvantaged become self-sufficient by providing resources like youth leadership programs, educational opportunities and temporary housing to those in need. Mingo said the organization, created in 1964 through the Economic Opportunity Act, is upgrading its services to operate more effectively in the five counties it serves -- Kershaw, Clarendon, Lee, Richland, and Sumter.