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Phlebotomy and EKG added to Camden nurses aide school
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Lori Cahill, left, and Cindi Mulder are the instructors for PDTS new Phlebotomy and EKG program. The two have over thirty years of experience in the healthcare industry and in education. They, along with the instructor/owner of the school, will have an open house January 16. - photo by Katrina Moses
A Camden nurse aide post-secondary institution has added two additional programs to their school, Phlebotomy and EKG. Kesha L. Hayes, Owner/Instructor of Professional Development and Training Services has hired two veterans in the healthcare industry to teach Phlebotomy and EKG classes at her school. According to Oxford Dictionaries, “Phlebotomy is the surgical opening or puncture of a vein in order to withdraw blood or introduce a fluid.’ According to, EKG is when “electrodes are placed on the skin of the chest and connected in a specific order to a machine that, when turned on, measures electrical activity all over the heart. Output usually appears on a long scroll of paper that displays a printed graph of activity on a computer screen.”