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Scrapbook - April 13, 2011
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Let’s Talk!

I have a “cordless” phone. I take it with me into the yard. I never miss a call. Another wonderful thing I have is an answering machine. People leave messages for me when I can’t answer the phone. So why do I take the phone into the yard?

Cell phones are good to have. People can call me, even when I’m not at home. It is good to have while traveling. If the car breaks down I can call for help. The first ever cell phone call was made back in 1973.  No one knew then how cell phones would be used. There was no Internet back then. There were no digital cameras. How could they have guessed that someday people would use a telephone to take pictures! In 1973 all the cameras used film.

With cell phones, we can be rude in new and different ways. We can visit with friends at a table. Then we can pretend they are not there while we talk on a cell phone. We can go to a meeting and send text messages to a friend somewhere else. It’s a new way to be an “un-person.”

Maybe someday new babies will be given a life-time phone number. If the telephone rings and nobody answers, that’s how they’ll know we’re “Out Of Order!”

Word List: messages, answering, Internet, digital.

-- dcw