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Scrapbook -- April 20, 2011
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 “Peeps” are marshmallow Easter candies shaped like baby chicks. They come in all colors and they’re rolled in sugar. I ate one of the Peeps from a package. It was sweet, but it didn’t taste very good. I ate one of each color. They were pink and green and yellow and purple. They all tasted alike -- sweet.

Easter baskets may have candy eggs and Peeps and chocolate bunnies. Even the candy eggs taste a bit alike -- sweet. Some of the chocolate-covered eggs have marshmallow fillings. Others are flavored with peanut butter or candied fruit. Some have fruit-flavored soft centers. 

People put all sorts of things in Easter baskets. Dolls, small toys and gifts are there to delight the child. One child bragged that he got an Army tank in his Easter basket. (It’s the thought that counts, you know.)

Stores used to sell live baby bunnies and dyed baby chicks and ducklings to be given as Easter gifts. That never was a good idea. Children didn’t know how to play with such creatures. Chicks and ducks get over being cute. Then the animal shelter had to find a home on a farm. Maybe Peeps aren’t such a bad idea, after all.


Word List: marshmallow, flavored, bragged, creatures.