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Scrapbook - April, 6, 2011
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Ice cream


I saw a woman running from the yard into her house. I wondered “Where’s the fire!” Then I heard the tinkling music of the ice cream truck. She was running to get ice cream money! It’s getting to be ice cream time. 

One hundred-nineteen years ago (or about then) a new dish was invented. It was called the ice cream sundae. At least three cities claim that the dessert was invented in their town. It has scoops of ice cream, topped with a flavored syrup, whipped cream and a cherry. It’s hard to beat a good ice cream sundae.

People argue where it was invented -- and why. One story is about a “soda jerk” in a drug store. One Sunday someone asked him to make an ice cream soda. A soda has ice cream, soda water and a flavored sauce. It was illegal to make an ice cream soda on Sunday. The smart young man put together a new dessert. He used ice cream and the sauce and the topping -- but he served it in a dish, not in a glass. And he named it a “sundae.”

The calendar shows lots of important things that happened in April. It lists birthdays and several wars. Perhaps the ice cream sundae started the battle for the waist line.

Word List: tinkling, sundae, flavored, argue.

-- dcw