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Scrapbook - Feb. 2, 2011
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Snow has them ‘in a pickle’!

I’m glad that I’m speaking “from memory” now. Growing up, even in the South, I remember snow. We used to have snow every winter, and there was always enough to make a snow man.  Sometimes my mother found a place where the snow was deep -- and clean. She scooped enough to make snow ice cream. And in a day or two the snow melted!

The “melting” part still happens around here. But in the northern states, they still have snow left from the last fall. And they are expecting more -- a lot more! People are complaining to their cities about the snow. Why did the city not clean it up, already! 

I learned about seven different kinds of salt that help to melt snow. All of them are in short supply these days. Also, cities have already used most of the money they budgeted for the salts.  Officials are scratching their heads to find SOMETHING to melt the snow. They have found something new! Pickle juice! They say it melts the snow just as well. (It’s loaded with salt!)  And it is cheaper by a fourth. Well, leftover snow is a nice problem to not have!


Word List: memory, northern, complaining, budgeted.

--  dcw