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Scrapbook - Feb. 9, 2011
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To wear a necktie

Tie makers say men are giving up wearing ties! The number of men who wore ties every day to work last year dropped to a record low. Business men used to wear suits, white shirts and ties.  They also wore a hat, except in the house. But the times, they are a-changing!

Do you remember when a gentleman tipped his hat when he met a lady? Well -- gone are the days! If a man puts on a cap in the morning, he doesn’t take it off until he goes to bed. And people wear their grungy, sloppy clothes everywhere.

U.S. sales of ties have dropped. Many American men stopped wearing neckties years ago. Now, even some guys who make ties are giving up on them.  Sales are expected to go up around Father's Day. But the future of neckties is very much in doubt.

Do I hear the sound of grown men crying? They say ties are uncomfortable. Why is it that ties were ever important. Or women’s high-heeled, pointy toed shoes, for that matter!

Word List: Business, gentleman, grungy, neckties.

-- dcw