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Scrapbook - Jan. 19, 2011
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Two weeks ago an airplane flying from Chicago to Germany hit a bit of rough air. One of the crew spilled his drink. The stuff trickled down into the instruments. There it set off the hijacking alarm.


The captain decided to change the flight plan and land in Toronto. From Toronto, the passengers were flown back to Chicago. They were given free room and board for the night, and a new flight to Germany the next day.


It reminds me of one of my life’s upsetting times. I had a doughnut and a cup of coffee when I entered the plane. They were not in a bag, and my cup was not covered. I had the center seat, and my fellow passenger was already seated. As I struggled with my carry-on, my purse, etc., my cup tipped over. Coffee spilled on the man’s jacket. I was VERY SORRY. He was not amused, but he said, “It’s all right: the coffee is about the color of my jacket.”


The whole thing ruined my little breakfast. And during that short flight, I could not look at the man beside me. It still makes me blush to think of it!


Word List: Chicago, Germany,  instruments,  upsetting.

-- dcw