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Scrapbook - Jan. 26, 2011
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Sop for supper


A man on TV talked about where we got the word “soup.” He said it came from the word “sop.” Think of “sopping wet.” A sop was made by soaking food in a liquid before eating it. People poured liquid from the vegetables or meat onto a piece of bread. This was called a sop. It was an easy jump from the word “sop” to “soup.” Our word “supper” came from the same word.



One day last week we ate the last of our soup. Everybody was glad. It was the last time that soup came to the table.



On Monday we had chili. Some was left over,but not enough chili for everyone. On Wednesday canned vegetables and chicken broth were added. That batch was too big, and some was left over. The soup got another rest in the refrigerator. 



On Friday we had beef stew. Again there was some left over, but not enough for everybody. On Saturday the dish became “Chili-vegetable-beef stew” soup. Finally the many times leftover soup was gone. Did I miss something by not serving sop?



Word List: liquid,  vegetables, refrigerator, leftover.

-- dcw