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Scrapbook - Jan. 5, 2011
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Dropping the old year

How did you say goodbye to the old year? Did you watch as the crystal ball was dropped at Times Square? I thought most people watched TV and then shot off fireworks. 

Maybe they do. But there are a few strange events to celebrate the New Year. Maybe at the end of 2011, you will want to go to one of them. A giant pickle is dropped into a barrel in North Carolina to mark the beginning of the New Year!  A 200-pound bologna was dropped in Pennsylvania, while in Wisconsin a frozen carp named Lucky was dropped to a throne.

The strangest one happened at Clay's Corner gas station in Brasstown, North Carolina. They do a traditional”dropping of the opossum.” The founder of the possum drop would like you to know that their possum is lowered, not dropped. He said that if they called it “The Lowering of the Opossum,” nobody would come! Thousands of people come to the event. Opie, this year's “dropee,” was the star.  There is a possum in my back yard who is running to be next year’s Opie! He has my vote.

When the crowd had finally gone, Opie was released. Happy New Year, Opie. Stay out of traffic.

Word List: crystal, bologna, dropee, released.

-- dcw