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Scrapbook - March 16, 2011
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In the words of Pogo, “Friday the 13th come on Sunday this month.” Lots of people try to avoid doing anything on Friday the Thirteenth. They stay home if they can. They never start a trip on that day.  One man was afraid to leave his house on Friday the thirteenth. He just stayed in his bed. He had bad luck anyway: a picture fell off the wall and hit him on the head.


Some people think 13 of anything is bad luck. There must never be exactly 13 people at the table for a meal. If this happens, the first one to leave the table will have something bad happen. One lady saw that she had 13 people at the table. She said, “Oh dear! After dinner, we must ALL leave the table at the same time!”


Long ago, when there were 13 people invited to dinner, the hostess worried. She would pay an extra person to come for that meal. It is said that Mark Twain was once paid to be the 14th person at a meal. A friend warned him. “It’s bad luck to do that.” But he went to the dinner, anyway. He later reported that it was, indeed, bad luck. There were only 13 meals!


Word List: Thirteen, hostess, worried, fourteenth.

-- dcw