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Scrapbook - March 2, 2011
It's the law
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Every man on the dock had caught fish. One man caught more fish than the limit. The game warden checked around.  He asked each man. “Are these your fish?” Of course everybody said it wasn’t theirs.  Finally the warden turned to a little boy who had been fishing. “Son,” he asked, “have you caught any fish?” “No, sir,” replied the boy. “I haven’t even had a bite all day.” “Here!” said the warden. “These must be yours.”

We have all kinds of laws. Some protect our world. Some are for safety. In one state, the legislature is considering a new law. It will say that if I get fat from eating too much fast food, I cannot sue the restaurant. Still one woman sued a restaurant because she burned herself on her coffee. It’s their fault if the coffee is hot, but not if I eat their cheese burgers and large-sized fries! 

At home, my parents made rules that we had to live by. They “laid down the law.” “Make up your bed” was one. We had to go to school. And there was never any doubt where we would be on Sunday morning. “Thou shall not hit thy brother” was a biggie. Some of our family rules were to protect our world, like “Do not litter!” Others were for our safety.

Our government has laws about almost everything. Some of them just take the place of common sense! 

Word List: legislature, considering,  restaurant,  government.

-- dcw