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Scrapbook - March 30, 2011
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Once upon a time high school juniors and seniors drove school buses. Many of the drivers were as responsible as most adults. Some were not. One day a driver drove his bus across a street. He was getting one of his riders close enough to throw something at a bike rider.

Some may call this bullying. Back then, everybody called it just a silly thing that children do.  The bike rider told his mother. But he begged his mother not to do anything about it. The bus driver or his rider might get into trouble. Then the bullies would take it out on him.

Now such acts are properly called “bullying.” It is sad that we need laws to tell us that this must not happen in schools or on school property. Bullying is a way to make a weaker person feel afraid. It is a “power tool.”

But bullying happens everywhere. There are laws against bullying in the schools. But people bully their neighbors and fellow workers all the time. Wonder where children get the idea to bully?

Word List: responsible, bullying, might, property.

 -- dcw