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Scrapbook - March 9, 2011
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Camden Community Concert Band

It was raining last Sunday afternoon. Not very much! It was just enough to keep people away from a treat. The treat was the Camden Community Concert Band concert.  Good music!  Refreshing afternoon. And all for free!


It is humbling to hear so many talented people give their music. They are not paid. They are members of the community band because they love the music. And they are generous to share with the rest of us.


One number honored the memory of Bill Basden, Camden High School band director for many years. Basden was always interested and helpful to those working with our high school band. He was a teacher, coach and friend, and he was remembered fondly and with fine music.


Camden is a special little town. There are many things that are fun to do. There are even a lot of things that are free. All they need is interest and a little bit of time. We are fortunate to have a music community that continues to share what they do best. Sunday’s concert was great! This band deserves our support.

Word List: advantage, Refreshing, humbling, Basden.

-- dcw