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Scrapbook -- May 25, 2011
The hat is the thing!
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I saw some pictures from the royal wedding. The bride was very pretty. But she was out-done by some of the guests. These ladies wore hats that were -- well, different. Someone explained to me that one of the important things is for the ladies to wear a hat. It must be different from the one she wore to the last wedding she attended. I guess that she will wear a dress, perhaps even a new one. But the hat is the thing.

There is a box full of hats in my attic. They are old hats, and they belonged to my mother. I hate hats.  But my mother loved hats. The hats in my attic are kind of pretty. They looked nice on my mother.

The basic hats the ladies wore to the royal wedding may have started out being pretty. But the “add-ons” were strange! One person wrote that the Duchess of Whatever wore a hat decorated with a toilet seat. I think the hat makers were playing tricks on the rich and famous. There may be a joke among the hat makers. Maybe they may have a contest. The winner will get a lady to wear one of her weird creations to a wedding. If it is pretty, it doesn’t count!

Word List: explained, attended, decorated, creations.

-- dcw