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Tour groups eye Kershaw County
Cup visitors 1
Roughly 15 tour guides from several states were in town last week to get a taste of the National Steeplechase Museum and learn about the history of Kershaw County and the horse culture. - photo by Trevor Baratko
A tour full of tour guides visited the National Steeplechase Museum in Camden last week with interest in making historically significant Kershaw County a stop on various organized trips. Representatives from all of Kershaw County’s tourism heavy-hitters -- the Carolina Motorsports Park, Historic Camden, Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County, S.C. Equine Promotion Foundation and Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce -- joined Camden Mayor Jeffrey Graham and Kershaw County Council Chairman Gene Wise at the museum to brief the visitors on some of the historical and recreational opportunities the county has to offer. Graham welcomed them, saying Camden is a special place filled with history and charm, and gave a brief update on some of the projects underway in the downtown area, such as the Town Green.