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15 baby names from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
It was announced earlier this week that there will be a To Kill a Mockingbird sequel, penned by Harper Lee, the writer of the original literary classic thats sold more than 18 million copies and has been printed in 40 different languages. - photo by Herb Scribner
It was announced earlier this week that there will be a To Kill a Mockingbird sequel, penned by Harper Lee, the writer of the original literary classic thats sold more than 18 million copies and has been printed in 40 different languages.

There are plenty of lessons To Kill a Mockingbird has taught anyone who attended sophomore English. From how the criminal justice system works to which values can lead to a fullfilling life, the book is stacked with themes, motifs and lessons that make it perfect for American classrooms.

The book also includes a unique set of character names that arent easily forgettable. The main characters Atticus, Scout and Jem are just a small dose of that.

These names may serve as inspiration for your baby's name, too. According to The Huffington Post, parents in 2015 will be giving their children powerful, unique and oddball names to set them apart from the rest of the pack.

Given that uncommon and unique baby names are becoming more popular, theres little room for doubt that this literary classic has some names you may want to offer your baby.

Here are 15 character names from To Kill a Mockingbird you can use for your child. The characters arent always the greatest role models, but their names are unique enough to make your baby sound cool and sophisticated in the playpen.


Scout was the main character of To Kill a Mockingbird. As a narrator reflecting on her past, Scout retells the events of Tom Robinsons trial and her early childhood.


Jeremy Jem Finch is Scouts older brother who finds intrigue in the ongoing events of the book because of his mature understanding. As he grows throughout the book, his interest in events climbs.


Atticus was Scout and Jems father. Atticus is an attorney who defended Robinson, a black man on trial for charges of rape. Seen somewhat as the hero of the book, he defends Robinson and tackles some of the books protagonists.


Dolphus was a jaded white man who preferred to live near black communities. He pretends to be an alcoholic so people will accept his behavior. Sometimes, he says, you have to pretend to be something you're not so that people will understand who you are.


This isnt the video game character you know and love. This Link owns cotton fields in To Kill a Mockingbird. He defends Robinson in the trial and is an ally to Atticus and the Finches.


Dill is the troubled best friend of Jem and Scout. He doesnt have a loving family, which is why he takes so much comfort in the relationship he has with Jem and Scout. Hes also the biggest activist for getting the books mysterious Boo Radley to come out of his house.


This name comes from Arthur Boo Radley, a mysterious and reclusive character in the novel who hides in his home until the end, when he saves Scout and Jem from being murdered by Bob Ewell, the books biggest villain.


Mayella is Bob Ewells daughter. The 19-year-old, desperate for love, tries to seduce Robinson, which doesnt sit right with her father, who calls the sheriff and has the black man arrested on false charges. Mayellas actions set off the chain of events that create the major trial featured in the book.


Burris is Ewells son. Hes one of the main antagonists in the novel and often points out how he repeated the third grade three times.


No, this isnt a substitute swear word. Its the name of Mr. Heck Tate, a friend of Atticus and the sheriff of Maycomb County. Like his friend Atticus, Heck doesnt show any signs of prejudice toward black men. He also helps Radley at the end of the book remain a recluse, despite being a hero for saving the Finch children.


Want your child to be a journalist? Braxton might be the name to go with since hes the novels reporter. However, Braxton is racist and often disagrees with whatever Atticus says.


Calpurnia, a black woman, is the Finchs housekeeper. Shes also the keeper of a beautiful name. In the novel, she offers love and discipline to the Finch children, much in the same way parents would. Shes kind and often receives high remarks from Atticus.


Zeebo is Calpurnias oldest son. He leads hymns at the local black community church and is somewhat of a leader. He learned to read with the help of the Bible.


Lula is a black woman who doesnt like white people. Shes seen as a troublemaker and often disagrees with church teachings.


Eulas got the most unique job in the novel; shes a telephone operator. She announces the on-going events of the county. And she controls the fire alarm. Thats hot.