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9 things awesome dads have in common
Ever wonder how you're doing as a dad? Check out these 9 things that mean you're doing an awesome job. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
Ever wonder how you're doing as a dad? Check out these 9 things that mean you're doing an awesome job.

1. Awesome dads provide for and protect their families.

One of the prime responsibilities of a father is to provide a home, food and necessities of life for his family. Some may feel like a failure if they cant provide luxuries for their kids; but they dont need luxuries. They need a safe haven where their basic needs are being met -- a place where they will never be abused, they feel safe and have food to eat and clothes to wear. Some fathers in todays world neglect this responsibility. Awesome dads accept fatherhood willingly and do their best to provide for and protect their families.

2. Awesome dads treat their wives with respect.

When children see their father treating their mother with respect, they see a positive example of love. They have a pattern to follow. Sons learn how to treat women, and will know that being respectful to a wife means that you speak to her tenderly, you pitch in and help with household chores, you care enough about her to take her out on a weekly date (without the kids) and a myriad of other caring actions that show love to her.

3. Awesome dads expect their kids to show respect for their parents.

Dont speak to me in that tone, young man, or Dont you speak to your mother like that again. She deserves your respect. Please apologize to her right now, are good examples of fathers helping children understand that respect for their parents is important. A good dad appropriately teaches his children to respect not only their parents, but other adults as well.

4. Awesome dads show respect to their kids.

The way kids learn to respect adults is to be respected by adults, especially their parents. If you lose your temper and yell at your kids, even curse at them, they will think thats how they are to treat others. When children are not spoken to with respect, they can feel unloved and unimportant, even provoked to rebellion. Respect them and they will respect you.

5. Awesome dads appropriately discipline their kids.

Children know they are loved when parents care enough to discipline them. Good dads correct misbehavior and train their kids to do better. If you need a few tips, here are Six Ways to Discipline Children that Work!

6. Awesome dads teach their kids to work hard.

This rarely happens by pointing to a job and telling a kid to go do it. Kids need to work alongside their dad and see how things are done. The time will come when you can let them do it on their own. Knowing how to work is a great gift to a child.

7. Awesome dads take time to play with their kids.

Family and Consumer Sciences states, Spending time with children sends a strong message that a father cares about them and values them to such an extent that he would rather spend time with them than with other less important matters. Playing catch, taking a hike or any fun activity will build a strong bond between a child and his or her dad. Taking time to play means you enjoy being with them. Children yearn for these times with their dad.

8. Awesome dads praise their kids.

Well-deserved praise from a dad means the world to a child. So often we give out criticism and fail to notice the little things our children do well. A pat on the back and a Well done, from a dad will go a long way in creating confidence and a desire to do even better.

9. Awesome dads express love to their children.

Children need to hear I love you from their dad, not just from their mother. It can help them through some troubled times when they think no one loves them. Even when discipline is needed, following up with an I love you will seal the deal and create a loving devotion between a child and his or her dad. Awesome dads will say the words.

Just for fun, check out this video of a devoted dad going beyond the call of duty.