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Best time to view fall leaves depicted on interactive map
The best time to view fall leaves is depicted on this interactive map. - photo by Courtesy of

Gazing upon a bright landscape dotted with shades of orange and red is easily one of the best parts of fall.

Leaves change colors at different times across the U.S., so said it created an interactive map to make it easier for travelers to predict when they can see the changing colors at their peak in each county.

The map was created using an algorithm with more than 32,000 data points, including historical data and forecasts from the National Weather Service, according to the data scientist at

“Generally speaking, we know that what affects the speed at which the colors change and the depth of their color the most is the amount of precipitation received, as well as average temperatures through the summer and fall,” an email from reads. “Drier seasons tend to produce faster changes and brighter colors, for example.”

The data scientist pointed out that no forecast will be 100 percent accurate, but said the map is still useful for travelers making fall plans.