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Game review: Munchkin Panic offers frantic, wacky fun
Munchkin Panic
Munchkin Panic is a fun, fantasy-themed board game that offers lots of fun for Munchkin fans. - photo by Courtesy Fireside Games

Munchkin Panic is a semi-cooperative board game based on a previous title by Fireside Games called Castle Panic, with the added theme of a popular fantasy card game called Munchkin.

In this game, players are defending a castle that is surrounded by a series of rings. Each turn a variety of silly Munchkin monsters, such as the Bullrog and Squidzilla, spawn and progress through the rings to the center of the board to try to destroy the player’s castle.

Each player has a hand of castle cards that allow players to battle monsters in certain locations on the board to stop their evil onslaught. But only the player who lands the final blow, thereby slaying the monster, gains treasure and trophy points to help the player win the game.

Players must balance working together to avoid losing the castle (losing the game) and acquiring their own stash of treasures and monster trophies (to win the game). It’s a frantic, wacky but strategic game of fantasy fighting with Munchkin-themed art, characters, weapons, monsters and more.