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Have You Seen This? You wont score against this beagle
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THE PITCH If youre looking for a little aww and a little sports to brighten your day, weve got you covered.

Enter Purin the Super Beagle, or the most adorable goalie you will ever meet, human or otherwise.

Not only are her goalie skills legit, barely letting a shot go by, but Purin happily helps her owner gather up all the balls so the game can start over again. (Which is more than I can say for a lot of kids playing ball in their back yard. Am I right?)

Purin is no stranger to a little Internet buzz. She had made the rounds with sword play, speed commands and skateboarding, among other things. While none of her tricks have yet to make her a superstar, Purins big break just might be her adorable and skillful goalie skills.

After all, the only thing cuter than a puppy is an adult dog that looks like a puppy. And the only thing cuter than a puppy-like dog is a well-trained, puppy-like dog. And the only thing cuter than a well-trained, puppy-like dog is a well-trained, puppy-like dog specifically trained to tend goal in a jersey on a teeny-tiny, backyard soccer pitch.