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Jewish kosher laws enjoy heightened status among the young and hip
Jewish food
Although keeping kosher is a complicated undertaking, the practice lends itself to a generation of eaters who are paying close attention to how the food on their plates was processed and prepared. Likely influenced by this trend toward more thoughtful eating habits, young Jews have been shown to find food laws more compelling than their older co-religionists. - photo by Jeff Wasserman,
Judaism may be getting a boost from a very worldly phenomenon: hipster culture. The Atlantic reported this week that “contemporary concerns about sustainability” -- a favorite topic among trendy young Americans who revel in thrift store shopping and organic foods -- are boosting the status of the religion’s kosher food laws. “With their embrace of sustainable … food culture, Millennial Jews are shaping a blossoming culinary movement, and bringing non-Jews along with them,” the article explained.