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One infographic that will help parents conquer their fears of new parenthood
Dads and moms alike suffer postpartum depression, partly because they have anxieties about raising a child. - photo by Herb Scribner
Some new parents experience anxiety when they have a child for the first time because they feel unprepared to raise a child. This anxiety can make parents stressed and lead to postpartum depression, or feelings of sadness after childbirth, which I wrote about back in March.

Anxiety and depression from parents can hurt a child's development. Young children raised in environments where parents are depressed, stressed or unhappy also feel stressed, which could stunt their brain development, according to a 2014 study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"After two years of brain mapping, the researchers concluded that the amygdala and hippocampus of children who had stressful upbringing were smaller than those of the children raised without chronic stress," Dana Dovey wrote for Medical Daily about the study.

But dont worry, new parents, weve found something that can help put those worries at bay. Earlier this week, Imgur user Roachloft posted a how-to manual for new parents. The image is a user-friendly guide of what and what not to do as a new parent. We hope this graphic will help you and your family members feel a little more confident about the early days of parenting.