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R&R Games Rockin Games Reviews Fall 2014
Strike a Pose
Strike A Pose is a great party game that encourages one player to guess the poses of the other players in the game. - photo by Courtesy of R&R Games

R&R Games is all about family gaming. The themes and gameplay are fun and inviting with artwork and themes that are family-friendly. It’s impressive to see the multitude of titles the company offers from party games to strategic brain burners. R&R Games seems to have something to attract every kind of gamer. Here are some great ideas for the next game night.

Strike A Pose is a creative new party game where one person (guesser) leaves the room while the rest of the players strike a pose. When the guesser returns, he or she must figure out who is striking which pose based around a specific revealed theme. For example, say the theme for the turn is Summer Olympic Sports and each person is assigned a specific pose from seven possible choices. Poses might include diving, swimming, rowing, running, etc. Everyone strikes a pose, and the guesser returns and reads the theme farm animals along with seven different possible poses. Grabbing seven numbers, the guesser tries to match the listed pose with the person who appears to match the pose the best. For each guess that is correct the guesser and poser score. This is a fun and innovative new party game guaranteed to make a person laugh.

For those craving a fun deduction game with a great pirate theme, Plunder offers two to six players the chance to be pirate captains searching for buried treasure. Each player has three secret cards featuring landmarks where their own buried treasure can be found. Each turn a set of three landmark cards is revealed from a random deck that may contain one of the landmarks associated with a pirate’s personal treasure. Each pirate must say, “aye” if at least one symbol matches or “nay” if no symbols match. If a player says, “aye”, the other players have a clue that one of the landmark symbols on the displayed cards is one of that player’s secret cards. Using magic erasable markers, players track their clues on a personal board and at the right time send one of their crewmates to find an opponent’s treasure by guessing the three landmarks. Be the first to an opponent’s treasure to score the most victory points. Protect your own treasure to score more points. The player with the most points wins.

The game Get A Life! is reminiscent of the grade school game MASH where children decide who they will marry, where they will live, and how wealthy they will be. In Get A Life!, three to eight players build an imaginary life containing five card categories covering a person’s home, locale, job, transportation and roommate. Three of the cards can be seen by all players and two remain hidden. Over three rounds, each player will get a chance to exchange cards with another player or receive new cards from the deck. When the third round ends, players reveal all their cards and explain why they would have the best or worst life possible. Then all players cast a vote on who they think has the best and worst life. Points are scored by matching proposals with votes. The final results are hilarious and the card images add so much flavor to the game. This is a wonderful game for kids and families.

For strategy fans, Coal Baron is a two to four player game about running a profitable coal mine. Players have a stable of workers that can be used to perform a variety of different tasks, but not all tasks can be done each turn. Players have to decide their own strategy. Should they send workers to expand a mine, mine for coal, deliver coal, gather money or gain a new order? One of the cool components of this game is that each player’s board resembles a four-level coal mine with a working elevator. It adds a lot to the theme. After three rounds (work shifts), the game ends and the player with the highest score on the victory track wins. Even though the theme doesn’t sound too exciting, this game is a captivating, fun worker placement game suitable for families.

Guess the Mess! is a guessing game using picture clues for three to eight players. The goal is to guess a correct location by looking at visual clues. To begin, each player takes a location card that tells them the secret place they are located such as the kitchen, the attic, or the beach. Next someone flips over a thirty-second timer and the players go about gathering cards from hundreds of picture cards at the center of the table featuring such things as a beach ball, set of car keys, a bread knife, etc. Players select cards that will help other players guess their secret location. When the timer is done, collected cards are passed randomly to another player. Location cards go to the center of the table secretly and then are revealed. Each player then looks at a set of picture clue cards assembled by another player and matches them to a location card. If the guess is correct, that player and the player who assembled the picture clues score points. This is a fast and furious game of good guesses and very fun to play.