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'Seventh Son': 3 points for parents
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Julianne Moore is the witch queen Mother Malkin in "Seventh Son." - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Information for parents about the film "Seventh Son."

Violence/gore: There are many instances of fighting between men and creatures from the dark realm. A character is burned to death. Monsters rampage a city to avenge the death of a companion. A dish called "blood cakes" is served. They contain worms. Two men extinguish a fire by urinating on it (only seen from behind).

Frightening scenes: Monsters appear from nowhere and are large and frightening. Ghosts and other apparitions can be seen. A small girl is possessed by a spirit. A man goes over a very large waterfall.

Sensuality/drinking: A woman is swimming naked, but only her shoulders and head are seen. A man and woman are in bed together. They are dressed and only kissing occurs. A man visits taverns many times and carries a flask with him.