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Some of the top honeymoon destinations for 2015
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According to The Eppoch Times, The Seychelles, a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, is one popular destination for lovers with its white sand beaches and coral reefs. - photo by Kelsey Clark
You are engaged and dreaming about the perfect honeymoon. Or perhaps you just want to take a romantic getaway with your significant other. Whatever the case, now is the time to start researching the best destination options.

Recently, a handful of wedding and travel websites have just released their 2015 lists for the top honeymoon locations, and many of them are reporting that couples are looking for more adventure than ever before.

We have witnessed new-age couples seeking engaging, distinctive and fun destinations," said Mohit Gupta, chief business and marketing officer of MakeMyTrip, to Yahoo.

Gupta said that many couples want to create a unique experience that will be unforgettable such as undersea walking, learning how to make exotic cuisine or visiting a luxury spa.

"So be it self-drive holidays, wildlife trails and jungle safaris, exhilarating activity like rappelling, white water rafting, ice climbing, kayaking or paragliding, adventure seems to be the flavour of the season," Gupta continued.

And now some of the travel and wedding industries are tapping into these trends, calling them "adventure-moons."

"Adventure-moons are increasing at a phenomenal rate, with couples looking to tick off bucket list trips such as trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, cycling coast to coast in New Zealand or riding a Harley-Davidson across the USA," said Kerry Golds, of Abercrombie & Kent, according to The Huffington Post in the United Kingdom.

With the adventure and romance aspirations kept in mind, websites have begun to offer some ideal getaways this season.

According to The Eppoch Times, The Seychelles, a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, is one popular destination for lovers with its white sand beaches and coral reefs.

Or as the Wedding Destination Magazine suggested, an increase of flight availability and a spike in tourism enhancement has made the Bahamas into a picturesque setting for couples for the honeymoon and wedding.

"We are buoyed by the overwhelming response to the competition and gratified that there is so much interest to be married in the Bahamas. People of all walks of life, including celebrated personalities, are drawn to the islands of the Bahamas for picture-perfect weddings. The setting really does it," Tourism Ministry Director-General Joy Jibrilu said in a statement reported by Fox News.

Aside from The Bahamas, the Destination Wedding Directory writes on its website that Tahiti, Borneo, Brazil and Bali are also a number of honeymoon locations that have had high travel bookings for their exotic climates and unique travel activities.

Virtuoso reported that the "ultimate beach escape" would be the Maldives and French Polynesia

While some couples may be able to put aside some time to travel after their nuptials, other couples may have to work around tighter work schedules that do not allow for extended vacation time. The Huffington Post suggested that those tied down with work can take a "mini-moon" and then save for a longer trip later in the year.

The Wedding Wire writes that mini-moons usually last three to four days, so couples need to keep in mind that they should choose a location that does not require lengthy travel time.

Some domestic mini-moon suggestions by The Wedding Wire were New York City and Santa Barbara, California, as they have a plethora of sight-seeing opportunities.

Along with time constraints, some couples may have to work around a tight budget. Fox News reported that Mexico is both romantic and inexpensive. Hawaii and Jamaica are also two locations that are both beautiful and can be tailored for a specific budget.

Whatever location a couple ultimately chooses for their dream honeymoon, they need to keep in mind that they should try to plan ahead and book in advance.

For domestic bookings, we have seen advance booking by at least 90 days. For international short-haul destinations, bookings are made 30 to 45 days in advance, while for long haul its 45-60 days in advance," said Gupta.