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The Clean Cut:
Toddler can't help but run to military mom
Military mom
Kathryn Waldvogel couldn't wait to see her family, and apparently her 3-year-old boy Cooper couldn't wait to see his mom. - photo by KARE 11 News screenshot

Kathryn Waldvogel couldn’t wait to see her family, and apparently her 3-year-old son Cooper couldn’t wait to see his mom.

Waldvogel is a member of the National Guard and had been serving in Afghanistan for the past nine months. Waldvogel, who arrived home on Tuesday morning, had been instructed to file in to an auditorium before she and her fellow soldiers could be dismissed to reunite with their families, but Cooper had other plans.

Just as Waldvogel walked in and lined up, Cooper escaped from among the waiting families and ran to his mom.

The video was captured by KARE 11 News, a news station based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The station posted the video on Facebook and has since received many other comments from military families who had similar experiences.

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