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The most important thing a parent can do
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When it comes to rearing a child, the sense of being overwhelmed is bound to arise.

Whether parents are receiving tips from their mother, mother-in-law or grandma, there is one thing parents should always do: put their child first.

According to a 2013 study from the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, cited in Medical Daily, research has found that "child-centric" parents (parents who put their children before themselves) were significantly more likely to report higher levels of happiness and a better sense of life fulfillment.

Although parents may have mixed views on child-centric parenting, the Mountain Catholic has also noted, "the best course of action in family life is putting the interests of the children first."

In a viral YouTube video, groups of mothers and fathers begin to argue comedically over their certain parenting styles. At first, the "trash talk" feels never-ending, but at the end of the video, viewers are nearly left in tears when the mothers and fathers come together to save a child rolling away in a stroller.