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Twelve days of Christmas equals $116,000
Here's what else that money could buy
12 Days
If you were to buy all the items on the "12 Days of Christmas" list each time they were mentioned in the song, it'd cost you roughly $116,000, according to ABC News. You could also save yourself some money and just buy each item once, which would only set you back by $28,000.

How much would it cost you to buy a partridge in a pear tree, five golden rings and 12 drummers drumming?

Well, if you were to buy all the items on the “12 Days of Christmas” list each time they were mentioned in the song, it’d cost you roughly $116,000, according to ABC News. You could also save yourself some money and just buy each item once, which would only set you back by $28,000.

While that number is slightly less frightening, it’s still a lot of cash to dish out during the holiday season. Here are 12 different things worth $116,000 that you could buy instead of all those swans-a-swimming.

One Audi A7

According to U.S. News and World Report, the 2014 Audi A7 goes for roughly $104,000. But this is more than just a pricey car. With an 8.8 rating made up of critics’ opinions, a performance rating and an interior rating, the Audi A7 also boasts a luxury back seat that’ll be great for driving your friends and family around during the winter.

Two years at Harvard

Harvard’s cost of attendance for the 2014-15 school year rests at $58,607 before personal expenses like books and travel costs. With $116,000, you could pay for two full years worth of education at the school, before personal expenses. Not a bad way to spend your money, considering how high college prices are.

Three incredibly huge Thanksgiving dinners

OK, Thanksgiving is over. But it’s still the holiday season, so it’s likely you’ll have to feed some family members in the future. And with $116,000, you can buy three of these Thanksgiving meal packages available in New York City. The meals, which cost $35,000 for a family of four or $8,750 per person, include a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a pie, USA Today reported.

The meal is made up of nine courses, including an appetizer of “squab stuffed with rich foie gras” and even some Royal Osetra 000 caviar, which costs $1,600 per ounce, USA Today reported.

Four apartments in Dallas for one year

According to the Dallas Observer, it costs people about $29,000 per year to afford a decent apartment in Dallas. That works out to about $722 a month, including rent and utilities, which is hard to come by, The Observer reported. But with $116,000, you could afford four of those apartments for one year. Or, you could buy one and pay for it for four years.

Five seats on a first class suite from Singapore to New York

With $116,000, you and four friends can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous on a flight from Singapore to New York City. Earlier this year, Derek Low cashed in his air miles to buy one of these coveted plane tickets, which cost roughly $23,000, according to The Blaze. And this isn’t your normal flight -- it comes with some added benefits. Low got treated to pre-flight meals in a first class section of the airport, and a “private room,” where he was served exceptional food and any newspaper he wanted. Not bad.

Six ultimate passes to the Super Bowl

For Super Bowl XLVIII, sports fans paid $19,000 for the ultimate pass to the event, which included a limo ride to the game, a tour of the press box and a chance to have lunch with a former NFL player, according to So gather up five of your friends and get on your way to one chic Super Bowl party.

Seven months rent for Pat Riley’s awesome Malibu home

Pat Riley is president of the Miami Heat, and he’s certainly burning a hole in someone’s pocket with his rental in Malibu, California, which goes for $16,500 a month, according to The Los Angeles Times. With $116,000, you could afford that apartment for seven straight months. Not that bad when you’re getting beachfront property and a two-story home.

Eight years’ salary for minimum wage workers

Back in October, President Barack Obama pushed Congress to increase the minimum wage, asking the members if they could “live on $14,500 a year,” which is the maximum salary of minimum wage workers, according to The Washington Examiner. With $116,000, you could give eight minimum wage workers their yearly salary, allowing them to make some additional money to get out of debt.

Nine dresses from First Lady Michelle Obama

Earlier in 2014, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a dress to a state dinner that allegedly cost $12,000, according to CNS News. And while that may be about the median yearly household income across the world, it’s also something you could buy nine of with $116,000. Dressing like the First Lady will certainly grab the eyes and ears of all the late-night socialites.

10 awesome minimalist homes

According to Opposing Views, one woman was tired of paying monthly mortgages and the financial woes associated with that, so she built her own house in two years. The house is worth $11,000 -- so with $116,000, you could buy 10 of them.

11 months at Tori Spelling’s California home

Tori Spelling’s days in the 90210 may be over, but she’s still charging a hefty price for her home. Her California home supposedly costs $10,500 a month. If you have $116,000 to spend, you could rent the home for nearly an entire year.

12 hours of work from a McDonald’s or Starbucks’ CEO

That’s right. The CEOs of McDonald’s and Starbucks make roughly $9,200 an hour, according to Business Insider. So with $116,000, you could pay them for a 12-hour day. Or, you could live the lifestyle of a major American food franchise CEO for a day, which is surely filled with high-end purchases.

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