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Candidates off and running
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The following is a list of local candidates for upcoming elections who have filed to run on the ballot in the Republican and Democratic primaries to be held June 12. Kershaw County Auditor Beverly V. Ray-Dowey (R) Dennis Arledge (R) County Council District 4 James D. Jones Jr. (R) County Council District 5 Janice Caldwell (R) Jimmy “Jimbo” Crissman (R) David Snodgrass (R) Brant Tomlinson (R) County Council District 6 Tom Gardner (R) James C. Steele (R) County Council Chairman Rodrick H. Blackwell (R) Julian Burns (R) Coroner David Amos West Probate Judge Debra Branham (R) Sheriff Anthony Bell (D) Franklin Lee Boan (R) Donald E. Branham (R) Jack Youmans Rushing III (R) Eric Tisdale (R) Board of School Trustees District 2 Mark D. Surry Stephen L. Wilson District 4 Shirley Halley District 6 Kimberly Horton DuRant District 8 Donald J. Copley Treasurer Jill B. Catoe (R) State Solicitor District 5 Byron Gypson (D) Dan Johnson (D) State House of Representative District 52 Laurie Funderburk (D) Penry Gustafson (R) U.S. House of Representatives District 5 Mark Ali (D) Steve Lough (D) Sidney Moore (D) Archie Parnell (D) Ralph Norman (R) *Note: This list contains a correction to the version printed in today’s edition of the C-I where, based on information provided to us by Kershaw County Voter Registration and Election Office, Donald J. Copley was listed as running against Kim Horton DuRant in school board District 6, rather than running unopposed in District 8.