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Finish line in sight for Sheheen
Vincent 1.JPG
Sen. Vincent Sheheen makes a stop at his gubernatorial campaign headquarters on Broad Street in Camden. Speaking just days before the election, Sheheen said, The most important thing in this election is we have a governor we can trust. If theres one thing Ive tried to show, its that the voters can trust what I say, and that Ill do what I say.
Vincent Sheheen’s donning a greenish Southern Tide polo and, “man, it feels good,” he says standing on Broad Street in Camden, outside an event for U.S. Rep. John Spratt. For the last 18 months, Vincent – Camden and Kershaw County’s Vincent -- has been in suits, touring the world of South Carolina too many times to count. Sheheen, 39, said he was never daunted at the prospect of running a statewide gubernatorial campaign.