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Sheheen: convicted lobbyist raised funds for Haley
Sheheen press conference.JPG
Sen. Vincent Sheheen, the state Democratic nominee for governor, held a press conference in Camden Tuesday morning, saying that convicted lobbyist James Hirni has been helping raise money for his gubernatorial challenger, Rep. Nikki Haley. Sheheen, who cited media reports that Hirni organized a fundraiser in Philadelphia and attended a fundraiser in New York for Haley, said his opponent needs to tell the public about Hirnis role with her campaign. - photo by Ashley L. Ford
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Vincent Sheheen said Tuesday a former federal lobbyist convicted of bribing Congress is helping his opponent raise campaign contributions. “During this campaign, Rep. Haley’s business competence, her integrity and most troubling -- her honesty -- have all been called into serious question,” Sheheen said during a press conference in front of his Camden campaign headquarters. “Now we learn that in addition to repeatedly not telling us the truth, she lacks an equally important quality a governor should possess -- judgment.”