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Gray Vincent
Columbia, SC
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Gray Vincent died suddenly on October 21st at her home in Columbia, SC. Gray knew life intimately and she faced it squarely—both the darkness and the light. For most of us mortals, we could not have lived as intensely and as honestly as she. She brought all of her past to every present moment. She was unprotected from pain—both hers and the pain of those she deeply loved. She lived true to herself—without pretense or deceit. Her family was her constant concern—her sister Harriet, her brothers Thad and Charlie, and her two generations of nephews and nieces. She and her sister were devoted to each other. They have a spiritual bond that will never be broken.

Gray was bold, colorful and sassy with an extremely sharp mind and an hilarious sense of humor. She loved art and beauty. As an English teacher and as an advisor for the Literary/Art magazine, she helped her students find their "voice" in images, poetry, and stories. Her home at Middleborough was a work of art. Created over time from pieces she collected and pieces she transformed, it reflected her personality and her experience of life. It does not deny the darkness, but it is magical with the shimmer and sparkle of light.

Family, friends, and students are invited to a "get-together" on November 17th at 3:00 pm at Middleborough, 1825 St. Julian Place.