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Aberdeen Easter family tour to benefit Mental Health America
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Kathy Barnes, chair of Mental Health America of Kershaw County, recently announced that they would be hosting its second annual Easter Family tour at Aberdeen, home of Jack Brantley.

The tour that is open to children and adults will be held on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24 from 2 to 5 p.m. Admission is $5 a person. A live petting zoo, face painting, and refreshments will be available on the carefully manicured grounds for the children. The historic home will also be open for tours. Music will be provided by Julia Halford and Phyllis David.

The house now known as Aberdeen was built around 1810 by Samuel Mathis who was the brother-in-law of Joseph Kershaw, the "Father of Camden" for whom the county is named. The home was carefully built with pine and each construction beam was labeled with a Roman numeral, apparently a coding system if the house ever had to be moved.

The beautiful wide pine flooring in the house is fastened with pegs and most rooms have 12-foot ceilings.

The house had 10 owners between Mr. Mathis and Mr. Brantley who purchased it in 1975.

The interior has seen extensive restoration and renovation during the years. Mr. Brantley completed major renovations in 2001 and 2003 when beautiful crown moldings and rich, vibrant paint colors were added to enhance his extensive collection of antiques and porcelains.

Each room in the house is special but the "Miss America Bedroom" where many former Miss Americas slept is a major highlight.

The library is also another "must see" room. The floor to ceiling glass cabinets in the room display Jack’s collection of Christmas and Easter porcelains, which are his favorite holidays.

Jack has always been gracious about offering his home for tours but most of them have been Christmas tours.

This will give his many friends and the public a chance to tour it in the springtime.

While discussing the house, Jack said, "My greatest pleasure is not in owning the house and its contents but is in sharing with the community. God wants us to build a better world and I feel I can do some of that by sharing the beauty of my collections with others."

Tickets may be purchased at Graham’s Tire Company, 828 Mill St. or at Mental Health America, 110 East DeKalb St. or by contacting Debbie Massalon at 432-7955. Tickets will also be available on the days of the tour.