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Buckley the artist: The buck stops here
Artist Claude Buckley's "Struggle."

“America Goes for Broke” is artist Claude Buckley’s recently released equivalent of a cosmopolitan gallery show -- in a book. Each allegorical painting reproduced depicts a different monetary pressure suffered by the Common Man: health care, the family court system, immigration, foreign investments.

Buckley will show and discuss the allegorical currency paintings appearing in the book during a book signing from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Books on Broad, 944 Broad St., Camden.

During low ebbs in his life, Buckley knew frustration, concerns for keeping his two young sons fed and educated. He knew he was not the only parent experiencing such debilitating concerns. He sensed that America’s economic structure was at cross purposes with his personal sense of family responsibility.

Painting through his frustrations, he amassed a series – “In America” -- that visually depicts how governmental policies and societal mores affect the spending abilities and purchasing power of Middle America. The series now surpasses more than 100 works of art -- oils and acrylics on canvas. A selection of the actual paintings will be on view during the launch of the book.

For this publication -- a vibrantly hued-fiscal spread sheet on canvas -- the artist started nearly every painting with the American dollar bill, the world’s most recognizable non-religious symbol. Before even picking up pencil or brush, Buckley refreshed his academic understandings of the symbols employed in the nation’s currency and what the nation’s forefathers intended them to represent.

American Goes for Broke has been published by Flyover Country Press. Text was written by Rachel Haynie; graphic design was by Pat Saad.