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Moran wins Brevard/Upton scholarship
James Moran (Web).jpg
Jimmie Moran

The Kershaw County Music Association (KCMA), an affiliate of the Fine Arts Center (FAC) of Kershaw County, named pianist Jimmie Moran, student of Becky Tafel and Glenn Price, the winner of the 2019 Brevard/Margaret B. Upton Scholarship on Feb. 10. The KCMA held the competition in the FAC’s Wood Auditorium.

The Brevard Scholarship entitles Moran to six weeks of intense study at the world renowned Brevard Music Institute in Brevard, N.C. His parents are Shellie Branham and Jim Moran.

The winner of the Senior Scholarship of $500 was Emily Bell, vocalist. Emily is a student of Ari Dickinson. Her parents are Doug and Tracey Bell. The Junior Scholarship winner was Lacey Peake, pianist, student of Becky Tafel. Her parents are Christy and Travis Peake.

Two well deserved Honorable Mention Awards went to Juliana Altieri, pianist, student of Shana Herndon. Her parents are James and Nicole Altieri. The second Honorable Mention Award went to pianist, Joshua Heriot, student of Becky Tafel. His parents are John and Jewelle Heriot.

Mac Thompson, student of Glenn Price, skillfully played Arben’s “Fantasie and Variations on Carnival of Venice,” an 8-minute trumpet piece, completely from memory.

Alena Tummond, vocalist, student of Brian Heyward, sang in both English and German. Her parents are Generosa and Richard Tummond. Christopher Nichols, an excellent flutist and student of Glenn Price, played Mozart’s “Andante in C.” His parents are Candi and Robert Nichols.

The KCMA expresses deep appreciation to all those individuals and agencies who help make these scholarships possible.