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Camden native does it all: actor, writer and director
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The Commedia Rapunzel cast from left to right: Carrie Chalfant, Ashlyn Combs, Paul Lindley II, Elizabeth Stepp, Sam LaFrage, Beth DeHart and Bobby Bloom.
By FRASER SPEAKS C-I (Camden, S.C.) Localife editor Born and raised in Camden, Sam LaFrage has since moved to New York City where he has managed to do what most only dream of achieving: success in the theatre business. Back in the South, for just a few weeks, LaFrage brings a hilarious, non-traditional version of the story of Rapunzel to the stage in Columbia. The Commedia Rapunzel is in the traditional style of Commedia Dell’Arte which is a largely improvisational style of street theatre dating back to 16th century Italy.