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FACs To Kill a Mockingbird earns praise
DSC 0082.JPG
Cassie Gibson as Scout (left) and Nicholas Perry as Jem rehearse Wednesday evening.
Typically it’s tricky trying to justify spending two hours of your weekend watching a play you’ve seen before, not to mention read the book a couple times and caught the 1962 film adaptation; but when you’re dealing with one of the 20th Century’s most imperative pieces of fiction, like Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” written in 1960, you should consider making the exception. Toss in a serious (OK, and adorable) performance by youngster Cassie Gibson as Scout, a peculiarly convincing Dill and respectable Atticus, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by not catching Larry Hembree’s “Mockingbird” this weekend at the Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County. Gibson and Andrew Spencer (Dill) are charming and authentic in their portrayal of youths with infinitely quizzical minds.