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High School Column: Happy Holidays
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The holidays are here and North Central High School is ready. Different clubs around the school are planning events to get everyone excited. National Honor Society members made thank you notes and gift bags for the staff and passed them out on Wednesday morning. The National Honor Society is also partnering with the Beta Club to collect Toy for Tots. Key Club is hoping to create a week where students and staff can dress up in different holiday outfits and have bake sales so everyone can buy holiday treats.

The National Honor Society wanted to give thanks to the teachers and staff in our school. To do this, members made thank you notes to go along with cookies and hot chocolate and pass it out to each person. Members where more than happy to give thanks to the people who have helped them anytime they needed it. Along with this, the National Honor Society and Beta Club have been collecting Toys for Tots to ensure that every needed child had a present to wake up to on Christmas morning.

The Key Club is also working to get everyone excited for the holidays by planning different events that the students and staff can participate in. Last year, everyone was able to dress up in different holiday costumes and outfits each day of the week. Along with dressing up, the Key Club hosted many bake sales so that everyone can get the holiday treats that they crave. The Key Club is sponsored by UNICEF and is collecting spare change for this organization. They are also hoping to start Operation Christmas Child soon.

North Central’s National Honor Society and Beta Club are partnering with the Camden Junior Welfare League in their Candlelight Tour of Homes in Camden. The club members are going to be stationed at different homes where they will interact with the community by giving information about each house and its history.

Student government is also selling Christmas treats including homemade pecan pies, chocolate-covered pecans, and gift tins. This is a partnership to raise money for Relay for Life and sponsor our Sadie Hawkins Dance. Our student government members are hoping to raise a lot of money to give to those in need in our community so that everyone will have a great Christmas and Thanksgiving.

While Thanksgiving is just now past, many people are focusing on Christmas. Well, not just Christmas, but the final exams that students have to go through during the two half days leading up to Christmas break. Although it is stressful to have exams so quickly, students and teachers are grateful to have a relaxing break and not have to worry about work during Christmas. As each day goes by, we get closer and closer to the dreaded test day.

Even though final exam day is coming up, the students are still excited about the end of this semester. Freshman are almost done with their first year in high school, and seniors are even closer to their graduation day and they are very busy making their last memories as a knight.

North Central High School is always the best place to be, especially around the holidays. Walking through the halls, you can always see people willing to help each other, always smiling and waving and making sure everyone is having a great day, and giving gifts to each other and to teachers and staff. Everyone is grateful to have their friends near as the holidays approach.