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How to deal with grief during the holidays
Retired Pastor Ed Stokes (left) and Clifton Harryton Anderson, retired mental health professional have developed a series of tips to help people cope with grief during the holidays.
Dealing with loss of a loved one is hard no matter what time of year, but it’s especially hard during the holidays.That’s why Clifton Harryton Anderson, retired mental health professional, and Rev. Ed Stokes, a retired minister and active volunteer with Camden Community Ministries, want to facilitate a talk session on understanding and coping with grief, especially on the holidays. They said there are many different forms of grief that can hit at the holidays, from a child being away at college for the first time or the loss of a pet to the anniversary of a loved one’s death. There are different ways to cope with that grief, too, but both men said the most important thing is to grieve.