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KCHS program to look at history of Wateree River
Wateree canal by Lon Outen
Remains of the historic Wateree Canal, along wooded west banks of the Wateree, testify to early-nineteenth century efforts to maximize river transportation during varying water conditions. - photo by Lou Outen
“Back Before the Dams,” the topic of the Kershaw County Historical Society’s program Sunday, Feb. 21, at 3:00 p.m., is sure to evoke recent impressions of untamed powers of high waters those attending have themselves lately witnessed. With slides of old and recent views, speaker Lon D. Outen will enhance his discussion of historical research he has underway on the Wateree River. The meeting will be held at the South Building, Kershaw County School District Office, 2029 West DeKalb St., Camden, and is open to the public.