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King Haiglar Garden Club meets on Monday
Garden PP T

The King Haiglar Garden Club will meet on Monday at 3 p.m. at Proctor Hall. The program will include installation of officers, voting on member of the year and the annual plant exchange.

Carol Meckstroth, Helen Young and Isabel Strickland will judge horticulture and arrangements. Sandra Lease and Linda Shaylor are in charge of garden maintenance for the month.

The theme for the arrangements is “Planting a Garden.” Arrangements should include blossoms from your garden. Members are reminded to bring specimens and arrangements by 3 p.m.

Gardening Tips for May:

• Space your planting of gladiolas at 2 week intervals until July for fresh cut flowers until frost.

• Keep your flowers deadheaded to promote blooms.

• Don’t forget to water your plants. May can be a dry month. Newly planted flowers will need to be kept watered until they are established regardless of the plant’s drought tolerance.

Gardening Tip for June:

• June is for daylilies. Easy to plant and easy to grow, they create beautiful borders and fill-ins with other plantings.

Gardening Tip for July:

• No pruning after the second week in July for azaleas; they are setting their blooms for next spring.

Gardening Tip for August:

• It’s hot and dry. Water, water, water and if you haven’t before, mulch, mulch, mulch.