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Lugoff couple featured on 700 Club
Minister Vivian Drakeford and her husband, James (second from left and far left) recently shared their story with the Christian Broadcast Networks long-running television show The 700 Club. With the Drakefords are (from left) 700 Club Coordinating Producer Debbie White and 700 Club videographers Damien Cooney and T.J. Pearson, 700 Club videographer. - photo by Jim Tatum

A Lugoff couple was recently featured on the 700 Club, a television show broadcast by Christian Broadcast Ministries.

Vivian and James Drakeford of Lugoff maintain that their unwavering faith in God has not only brought them through all of life’s challenges, but has even allowed them to prosper.

Vivian Drakeford serves as a minister with New Life Outreach Ministries. But while she and her husband, James, have always been people of faith, it was only when they actually “walked the walk” – that is, listened to God rather than trying to take control themselves – that they were able to in turn receive God’s blessings, Vivian Drakeford said.

They received a powerful lesson several years ago, when they were first married, Vivian said. They had both been working full time jobs in manufacturing, but both were laid off at about the same time.

“It was hard – we were doing everything we could but bills were piling up,” Vivian said.

Finally, she fell back on her religion. She went to church, started praying, and came to the conclusion that they needed to serve the lord.

It is that powerful faith that compelled Vivian Drakeford to share her story with the 700 Club, of which she is a long-time member. In turn, the 700 Club decided to share the Drakefords’ story.

“We just loved their story,” Debbie White, Coordinating Producer for the 700 Club said.  “They are just incredible, wonderful people.”

Basically, it came down to the Drakefords’ decision to start tithing, even though they were having financial difficulties. It was that decision to give and to help others, they believe, that led to their ultimately prosperity, Vivian said.  In fact, within a few months, both landed full time jobs and later were able to start a business. That, too became profitable, and they were able to sell it. This allowed them to retire comfortably.

“When people are in desperate times, they tend to hold on, and they hold tight,” Vivian said.  “God taught me through the years that what’s in your hands cannot help you get out of debt, or get to that next season. So you have to give -- and trust God, the giver. He will take care of it.”

The Drakefords are not “rich”, Vivian is quick to point out, but they are blessed, which is far more important.

Their house is paid for and they enjoy a comfortable retirement, which allows them to devote their time and energy to serving others, and ultimately serving God, Vivian said.

“I do my ministry full time – James supports me all the way,” she said. “That’s my job – to help bring people to the Lord.”