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Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swofford celebrate 50 years together

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swafford of Camden celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. The couple was married Aug. 5 1961. Joyce Robinson retired from DuPont. Dean is a retired school teacher.

“They are a rare couple who have endured life’s ups and downs and survived,” Joyce’s sister, Sylvia Watkins, said. “Their commitment was made and they lived up to the promises they made to each other and God, unlike a lot of us!”

According to the family, the couple is carrying on a family tradition of 50-year-plus marriages.

“It’s very hard to find these qualities in promises or people anymore,” Watkins said. “We want to congratuate both of them on a job well done.”

“Oh, yeah, and it probably didn’t hurt to marry Santa Claus!” Watkins added with a laugh. “P.S. Sissy, tell Santa Claus I want a coloring book and crayons for Christmas. Ho ho ho.” Merry Christmas, Your Family.