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Record holding Jamison Triplets celebrate 60 years
Jamison Triplet 1 T
Christine Diane, born on Jan. 2

The late Robert and Louise Jamison of Elgin gave birth to the Jamison triplets in 1956. The birth took place in a rural Kershaw County home.

Mrs. Jamison was assisted by Midwife Mrs. Burns and Dr. Cochran, while Mr. Jamison continued to cut wood and help with the preparation of the deliveries.

In 1956, 410 babies were born as triplets within the United States. The Jamison Triplets were and still are the only ones born on three separate and consecutive days.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jamison Sr. made "world history" with the birth of the Jamison Triplets, while the Jamison triplets have made it to the Guinness World Records.